Wednesday, January 1, 2014

While the paint was drying...

I always have to wait for paint to dry so I need to have another project lined up!  today I used some old legs and a old brief case to make a little table...Cute right!  It just took a few minutes! 
1.00 at the flea market!

5.00 at a yard sale

2.50 each at Home Depot... 16.00 investment

my favorite tool! 

screw the plates to the bottom of the brief case

screw the legs into the plates

tada!!!  I will sell this at the boutique for 35.00
all of this thread came out of storage lockers!!! I finally got it
all in one place.  I wont need to buy thread for months!
I think this is all of the ribbon... it was scattered
all over the warehouse!

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