Friday, January 24, 2014

We Have Paint!

Our paint came today!  I am so excited to announce that Marina Patina is a Distributer for Old Town Paints... a chalk style paint, made in California, No VOC, clear finishes, waxes and glazes and 50 fantastic colors!   I teach the first class on February 8th, bring a chair or a small side table and we will supply the rest! Class fee is 75.00 and includes paint and a brush.

Old Town Paint display!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This weeks project

I have this 1980s golden oak corner curio cabinet... I like the leaded glass and the fact that it has a light and all the glass shelves are here... Im trying out our new paint line Old Town Paints.  It is AWESOME!!! No prep needed... just clean and dry your piece and paint away!  I did the interior with just a little 4 oz jar... the paint goes a long way!   They have an great bees wax finish that gives it a wonderful had rubbed glow. 

Butter on the inside... Light aqua green on the outside
this is the first coat...


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Halfway there!

SO... its the middle of the month and Ive been sewing, gluing, painting, hammering....and the shop is starting to look a little better. The Showroom is all fixed up and I have more room to move in the warehouse!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Showroom in progress!


I took some time today to start working on the showroom.  I ended up not stacking the two tables...This one little sections is coming together... The last few storage lockers have yielded a lot of ceramics!

Week 2 Continued

Here are the Two tables from Tuesday, they will make a great tower display
This morning I dug through my plates and vases and made some pedestals, these are great for jewelry and small items even as a soap dish...
Just some e-600 glue and clean dishes is all you need!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 2 Projects!

Today I started chipping away at that huge pile of furniture in my warehouse.  These two tables stacked like this will make a great display tower for small items....  The table on top is in great shape so I threw a coat of yellow paint on it.   I used a 50/50 mix of Annie Sloan English Yellow and Old White.

The table on the bottom is a WRECK!!!! its wobbly, the top layer of wood is coming off the top. So... while I wait fir the yellow table to dry I will take my screw gun to it and get the legs stabilized and sand down the top so I can paint it!
 While the paint was drying ....

I got out a little .50 'oops' paint from home depot... a pretty aqua green... I have a bunch of dark brown and chipped stuff that Im going to dry brush to give them new life...
This little cherub is an ugly dark reddish brown and has a chip on his head,  so I painted him all over and then rubbed the paint of in spots before it dried.
cant even see the chip now!
 I brushed over this tin candle pedestal, it was dark brown. 

 I cut the handles off this silverware basket, gave it a little paint and its repurposed as a desk organizer!

I found a few more candle holders and added some color to them as well... When everything is dry I will make a cool table scape.

At the end of the day, that bottom table was ready for paint so  I gave it the same aqua green. Forgot to take a picture.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

While the paint was drying...

I always have to wait for paint to dry so I need to have another project lined up!  today I used some old legs and a old brief case to make a little table...Cute right!  It just took a few minutes! 
1.00 at the flea market!

5.00 at a yard sale

2.50 each at Home Depot... 16.00 investment

my favorite tool! 

screw the plates to the bottom of the brief case

screw the legs into the plates

tada!!!  I will sell this at the boutique for 35.00
all of this thread came out of storage lockers!!! I finally got it
all in one place.  I wont need to buy thread for months!
I think this is all of the ribbon... it was scattered
all over the warehouse!

Project 1 (and 2)

OK so here is what I did today!
I have this big stack of cabinet doors... 16 to be exact!  today I started on some chalk boards.
I bought these doors for a 1.00 each at our fabulous county dump!  They have the 'last chance mercantile' where they sell furniture, building supplies, etc....
I painted 5 of these today!

clean it really good.  I use spic and span ...

You can spray or bush the chalkboard paint on.
It takes a few coats... I love my trigger attachment...
you can get it wherever you buy your paint
Once the black paint is dry you can paint the frame. 
I used Any Sloan paint for this one....
OK Paint is drying... I will go work on my sewing room for a while...
 its a mess!

January 1

from the loft looking down into the warehouse
AS Promised... Photos of the warehouse as of today!  I will not buy ANYTHING until Feb 1.  The goal is to do something with what I have.  This starts out easy as pie!  So my first projects will be fast and fun... before and afters coming soon.


the empty and messy 'showroom'

my stash of lamps