Monday, September 15, 2014

New Furniture Pieces at Marina Patina!

September is 'No Spending Month' and  I am halfway through.  This week I worked on a few pieces of furniture and some fall decor!

The whole idea of No Spending Month is to use up what I have without buying anything... No supplies, no products, just use what I have, and make do.
 These matching side tables came off the Junk King truck in really poor condition, the finish was flaking off and the leather tops were scratched and stained ( it looked like they were left outdoors for a while).  I gave them a coat of courtyard grey from Old Town Paints and then dry brushed them with an ivory and sea glass green color to give them some texture and cover up the imperfections in the tops.  I painted and sanded and painted again...

This cute Maple desk was my next challenge, it was in good shape but needed some updating.  I chose Lake View from Old Town Paints for the desk and then added some cool wooden knobs for a beachy look. I love the detail on the bottom of the desk
Yesterday, my daughter and I got into my old books and made these pumpkins.  Stripped the covers and cut them on the band saw.  We opened and glued them and then hit them with some orange spray paint.  We gathered some small branches from our local park for the stems and added the green ribbon for leaves. I have enough paint left for a few more... then I have to wait til October!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

No Spending Month has begun

September is a month of NO SPENDING!!  I am not allowed to buy any supplies or new furniture... this is the ONLY way my warehouse gets cleaned out.  Today  I unearthed this little side table.  It has a laminate plastic top that is coming loose, Matt and  I pried it off and I gave the raw wood underneath a coat of white paint... this is a great candidate for a glass mosaic top.... stay tuned!